AEROTEC® premium products help in both industry and households where there is a need to lubricate and protect metals against friction. The unique technology based on long term micromolecular protection extends service life of parts and machines, and makes life easier for those who look after them.

AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner reduces

  • Friction
  • Temperature
  • Noise
  • Fuel consumption
  • Corrosion
  • Energy efficiency

AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner increases

  • Technical service life and performance of machines
  • Service life of parts
  • Resistance of transmissions
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Safety
  • Reliability

AEROTEC® products are harmless to environment and its contents allow it to be used in food industry


AEROTEC GROUP a.s. mission is to make life easier for individuals and industrial companies. We help them to improve service life of machinery and their metal service parts, save energy and costs, and improve reliability of operations.

We achieve this by developing and distributing premium products that help to dramatically reduce friction metal - metal and highly effectively solve broad range of problems in metals under stress.

History of AEROTEC GROUP a.s.

The AEROTEC® product portfolio was initially developed in 2013 with the base product AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner used in aviation. In the following year the portfolio was expanded to include own range of lubricating and penetrating sprays, fluids and plastic lubricants. Since then, the extended product range finds a widespread use in manufacturing, machining and automotive industries, agriculture, sport as well as in household and hobby activities.

A strategic restructure of the complete business and distribution model was undertaken in 2015 to reflect a new vision and business strategy of the firm, including focus on international markets.

A new company trading as AEROTEC GROUP a.s. was set-up in May 2016. A new corporate identity was established along with new logo, website, CRM systems, e-shop, business partnership and distribution model, and many other changes. The company is also engaged with number of foreign distributors in European Union and beyond.