AEROTEC® is a transparent synthetic liquid that, when added to petrol, diesel, oil, or lubricants, creates a highly effective mixture containing synthetic hydrocarbon derivatives – AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner. This mixture bonds directly with oxides released from metal surfaces to create a protective microfilm that flattens and preserves metal surfaces - so called “molecular carpet”. Bonding with gradually discharging oxides ensures long-term stability and durability of this protective layer. The molecular coat is resistant against high temperatures and pressures, and is highly stable. It dramatically reduces friction, preserves metals against corrosion, repels water and remains effective even after oil replacement.

AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner is compatible with majority of commonly used oils and lubricants. There are however some situations we strongly recommend to avoid its use as it may lead to damage of the treated components.

Don't use AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner in the following situations:

  1. Lubricating fluids (oil, plastic lubricant) you want to use contains solid particles (copper, lead, zinc, etc.)
  2. the lubricating fluid used contains Teflon particles (PTFE)
  3. fluids with solid particles (copper, lead, zinc, etc.) or Teflon (PTFE) were used in the past in the aggregate you want to treat


Contact our inquiries for professional advise on how to treat surfaces where fluids containing solid particles were used in the past.

Lead bearing testing - oil vs. oil with AEROTEC®Metal Conditioner

Falex (THFX 3) - is a globally recognised tribology testing equipment used to determine the relative wear-preventing properties of lubricating fluids and greases in sliding and rolling applications.

How does AEROTEC® work

Prior to application of AEROTEC®

At a microscopic level, the metal surface texture is uneven. This is a natural property of metal surfaces. Such roughness reduces quality of the friction face and leads to increase in friction forces.

After application of AEROTEC® products

A chemical reaction causes AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner to be absorbed into the metal surface on molecular basis. A long-lasing protective nano-film is created which evens out roughness and surface damage. This results in radical reduction of friction forces and improved surface protection.

Deep grooves
Micro abrasion
Surface scratches

Comparison of efficacy with Teflon additives

The chart compares load bearing capacity of various types of lubricants. The chart demonstrates that oils with AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner and pure AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner provide the best results.

Exceptional hydrophobic properties

One of the major advantages of AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner is its hydrophobic property. The molecular film created on treated surfaces is nonpolar and repulses H2O molecules. This results in a long term anti-corrosion protection, including against a salt water.

AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner protects

  • against water condensation in insufficiently heated engines
  • Ship aggregates
  • wiring and electric components

Graphical chart of load bearing forces

Scale in kg/mm2

Běžné plastické mazivo, 40 - 45 kg/mm2
Motorový olej, 60 - 75 kg/mm2
Převodový olej, 85 - 100 kg/mm2
Olej s příměsí EP částic, 110 kg/mm2
Olej s příměsí AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner (1:20), 150 kg/mm2
AEROTEC® Metal Conditioner, 210 > kg/mm2